Permit Process

The fire department and sprinkler plans must be submitted to an approved third party for review. At the present time the following firm is approved by the Balch Springs Fire Department:

After review has been completed, fill out a Fire Permit Application. Submit to the Fire Secretary and a permit will be issued. At the present time fees for permits are as follow:

Permit Fees
Automatic Fire Sprinkler    
0 - 100,000 Sq. Ft. $50.00 Minimum $.03 Per Square Ft.
100,000 - 300,000 Sq. Ft. $2,000 For 1st 100,000 $.014 Each Additional Sq. Ft.
300,000 - +Sq. Ft. $4,000 For 1st 300,000 $.009 For Each Additional Sq. Ft.
Single Family (Only) $50.00 Per System  
Automatic Fire Alarm Systems    
0 - 10 Devices $50.00 Per Building  
11 - 25 Devices $75.00 Per Building  
25+ Devices $150.00 Per Building  
100+ Devices $200.00 Per Building  
200+ Devices $400.00 Per Building  
Ansul Fire Protection Suppression Systems $100.00 Per System  
Underground Fire Line (Main Only) $50.00 Per System  
Controlled Trench Burns $300.00 Per Day  
Access Gate Control System $100.00 Per System  
Tent Inspection $150.00 Per Tent  
Fire Works Permit $100.00 Per Day  
Fuel Tank Removal $100.00 Per Tank  
Fuel Tank Installation $100.00 Per Tank  
Temporary Above Ground Tank Storage $100.00 Annually  
(Propane Cylinders)    
Multifamily Inspections $25.00 Per Unit/Per Vacancy  
Single Family Rental Property Inspection $25.00 Per House/Per Vacancy  

For all other permits fill out and submit the Fire Permit Application. A permit will then be issued.

Inspection requests for Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Systems installation shall be coordinated by calling (972) 557-6040.

A 24-hour notification is required for all tests and inspections; inspection appointment is subject to availability of an inspector.

The following information must be provided when requesting an inspection:

  • Address of project
  • Name of Project
  • Fire Protection contractor company name
  • Fire protection contractor contact name and telephone number
  • Type of inspection requested

On-Site Inspection Requirements

  • Permit should be posted at the front entry of the building;
  • A set of approved plans with signature of and comments by a representative of the Balch Springs Fire Dept. - not shop drawings stamped by your company - must be on site at the time of inspection.
  • Components to be inspected shall not be covered up prior to inspection

Final Inspection

This inspection shall be conducted when all the sheet rock and millwork is completed. The objective of this inspection is to verify if coverage is still adequate after the initial hydrostatic pressure test. This will enable the Balch Springs Fire Dept. and the Fire Protection Contractor to make any neccessary changes before there is a request for a final inspection.

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